Building, Buying, or just Living

If you are looking at buying a house, building a house, or just living in a house here are some things that you should look at in addition to the normal things that you look at.   Like real estate, this post is all about location, location, location.  With a little planning, all of these can be greatly reduced before there is a problem.

  1. Make sure that the main electrical panel is not located in or under the bedroom.  Magnetic fields found around a electrical panel can easily pass through walls and ceilings.  You want to have the electric panel come in at a location where you don’t spend a lot of time.  If it is already under a bedroom move the bed as far away as possible from it.   A magnetic field will dissipate with distance.
  2.  Stay away from cell towers and radio transmission towers. You can do a simple internet search to see what towers are around where you want to buy/build or live. To find cell phone towers simply type your address here.  To find radio transmission towers in your area type in your details here. The farther you are away from these the better.  Rural will be better than urban.  If you want to do something for the house that you live in, plant trees, preferably coniferous.  Please know with the deployment of 5G there will be many more towers being built.  This means that a good spot today may not be a good spot tomorrow.
  3. Stay away from electrical substations and high voltage lines. Ground current will be higher near a substation than farther away.  In regards to high voltages lines, the taller they are, the farther you want to be from them.  If you currently live next to these, your options are limited since this is out of your control. 

These are simple but very important things to consider if you are buying or building a home.   The best way to reduce exposure to EMF’s is with a little planning and foresight.  Once you are in that home, trying to ‘fix’ these becomes much harder and much more expensive.


The Puzzle Series Part 7: Summary and What to Do

When I read the obituaries, the first thing that I do is scan them all, looking at the ages of everyone that has died.  If they were over 70, chances are I don’t read them.  The ones that I read first are kids (anyone under 20), then anyone close to my age.  I try to learn what happened to the child (drowning, cancer, allergic reaction, bike injury), learn from it, and apply it in my life so I can keep my child safe. The explanation of Kyanna’s death was highlighted in really 5 posts.  Like an obituary, it is only highlighting the high points that we wanted everyone to know, to understand the depth of a person or a topic it takes much more time and energy.

The big question is: What do you do about this?  Simply, you need to start being aware of what is going on around you.  If you are interested in knowing what towers are around your address type in your address here.  In this post here there are a number of things that you can do around your home in order to reduce your exposure (there is a short summary at the bottom).   Staying away from ‘smart’ tech is wise and upgrading to wired connections is also better.  That topic is talked about more in detail here.  Start limiting your cell phone use.  Kids shouldn’t have cell phones.  The radiation from cell phones penetrates much deeper into their skulls than it does in adults.   Look at the picture below:


If you are going to use a phone, use it on speaker phone at arm’s length.  Never carry it in your pockets when not in airplane mode.  When not in use, it should be in airplane mode with all of the functionality turned off (location, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and anything else).

The biggest thing that you can do is measure your environment or have it measured for you.  Know what you are dealing with and then act in a manner that you are comfortable with.  Measure first, panic second.  If you do this the other way around it will cost you a lot more money.  All of the fields that were harmful for Kyanna are measurable with the right meters, there is no one meter that will measure everything.

If you are looking for what level of exposure is safe, know there are no safe levels.  Zero is safe.  Toxins have no safe levels.  This doesn’t mean I think we should abandon all of the technology that we have.  For example, the legal blood alcohol level in Wisconsin is .08.  This doesn’t mean that at .079 I am safe to drive.  There are some people that are not safe to drive at .04 or even lower.   Do I think we should ban alcohol?  No, though we should use it in moderation and be aware of the effects of overuse.  Use it wisely.  A small amount of alcohol can prove helpful, and large amounts harmful.  It is my belief that the same can be said for EMF’s.






The Puzzle Series Part 6: Metals, Melatonin, and More Wireless

The only problem area left to address for Kyanna is the heavy metals within her system.  Although EMF’s have been shown to redistribute metals within the body, (the summary of effects of EMF’s are gathered here) it is much more likely they came from other sources, such as diet or other environmental exposures.

After learning all of this one might ask: Doesn’t your body have ways to combat these things?  The answer to that is yes.  Your body produces many things to help combat environmental effects.  One of those chemicals is melatonin.  More about melatonin is talked about in the blog post here .  The creation of melatonin though is also affected by radio frequencies, as can be read in a review of many research papers on the topic here.  So not only do EMF’s cause problems, they also inhibit the body from repairing itself.

We first discovered Kyanna had an issue with EMF’s from the blood work that was done in Spain.  In Spain the oncologist (Dr. Raymond Hilu) determined this by looking at Kyanna’s blood under a powerful microscope.  Next is to look at the red blood cells.  In a healthy sample, they are evenly spaced throughout.   In Kyanna’s case, they were all clumped together, signifying an issue with EMF exposure.

Almost all of the known issues Kyanna had can be explained by an exposure to EMF’s from research.  Sadly much of this research was done before she was even born.  Some of it was done before I was born, and yet we still use EMF’s more now than ever.   The more I have learned the more I believe it is not just Kyanna that had issues with EMF’s.  There are many, many people that have these issues.  However, they write it off as a host of many other things, the range of severity different for each individual.  Things like autism have risen right alongside the expansion of our use of EMF’s as can be read here.  Cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and suicide have risen with the electrification of the US as published here.  I don’t think there is a person reading this that is not affected by at least one of those things.  All of these things are here, in our lives and the levels of our exposure are rising.

In the coming years there will be the deployment of 5G.  This will come at an estimated cost of 56 billion dollars for deployment and testing (to make sure it works, not to make sure it is safe from a health standpoint).  They have opened a new band of the electromagnetic spectrum for this to allow faster speeds for wireless.  In doing so, this means there will be more infrastructure built.  This will increase your exposure to more EMF’s.  If you believe that the government has looked into the long term effects of the project, think again.  The chairman of the FCC Tom Wheeler said, “Unlike some countries, we don’t believe we should spend the next couple of years studying what 5G should be or how it should operate.”  In essence they are not waiting for standards, or health concerns. They are not waiting for science to determine anything because companies want to make money.   Since they will be using a new band of the electromagnetic spectrum, all of the research will be done after the fact. Years down the line after companies have made their money, they will then protect their interest, which is making money, as they are now.  Your health and your family’s health are a distant second place to companies’ profits.  What this really means is that you and your loved ones will be part of the experiment going forward.   I hope that it turns out better for you than it did for us.