The Puzzle Series Part 5: Epidemology

The basic point of epidemiology is to understand which environmental factors can lead to disease.   It is a way of finding a common thread for disease, so that others may not be affected by it.  In particular, it is a way to judge the long term effects of something on a population.  In part 4 of this series, there was a study in regards to dirty electricity.   In this post more papers are presented that are relevant to this topic in regards to Kyanna.

In the recent years some of the most noticeable studies about harmful effects from electromagnetic radiation have come from Scandinavia and other European countries.   One such study shows that the increased risk from brain cancer for children rose by more than 500% if they used a cordless phone or cell phone before the age of 20.  That study can be read here..  There are other studies that show increased cancer rates from living closer to FM transmission stations. Also among these, studies like this one found people living within 400 meters of cell phone transmission towers were three times more likely to develop cancer than those that lived over 400 meters.  All of these pertain to Kyanna as they are present where she lived and all of these items can be measured.   More importantly, you see where towers are located around your home by typing in your address here.

These reports are by no means a smoking gun.  They are a reference point and another piece of the puzzle.  However, they do correlate and fit into the puzzle of a possible means of why Kyanna had a brain tumor and what could have caused it.  What happened to one person can and often does happen to another.  Epidemiology points out hazardous environmental factors that can influence health.   It is because of this knowledge there are limits on things like asbestos, DDT, smoking, and many other things.  The difference is that none of those are/were cornerstones of society like the electromagnetic spectrum is for us today.   Is there then any wonder why we all want them to be ‘safe’?





The Puzzle Series Part 4: Dirty Electricity and Contact Current

Dirty electricity, which is high frequency voltage transient, riding on your building’s wires is an unrecognized problem in many parts of the world.  For one, these frequencies occur at low levels that are non-thermal and because all of our standards are based on thermal effects, they are simply written off by many.   In 2008 there was an epidemiology report published that listed chronic exposure to dirty electricity as an important predictor of cancer incidence in an exposed population.   In this case, it was a cancer cluster in teachers in a California school.  In that study it was concluded that a teacher working in a room with reading >1000 Graham Stetzer (G/S) units had an increased chance of cancer by 13%, while working in a room with readings >2000 G/S units for one year increased the chance of cancer by 26%.   When Kyanna was diagnosed, the classroom that she was in had readings of over 2000 G/S units, as well as many other classrooms that she spent time in.  In terms of our home the max G/S reading was 300 and that was in Kyanna’s bedroom.

A large part of dirty electricity is made up of harmonics.  Harmonics are nothing new and have been around since we started using electricity.  What has changed is the amount that are now produced and are unaccounted for.   Harmonics are created when current and voltage are not used proportionately.  Almost all electronics today work this way, this is called a non-linear load.  Since harmonics are an extremely low frequency, and non-thermal, there has not been much attention paid to them from a health standpoint.   However, because of the engineering problems they can pose, there are limits to the amount of harmonic pollution a machine my produce.  Large loads of harmonics can causes problems for the utilities as well as machines.

Harmonics increase impedance, with increased impedance comes increased resistance, with resistance comes heat, and heat is very bad in electrical systems.   In the early 1990’s the utilities, at least in this area, starting running ground wires on the utility poles, instead of running larger primary neutrals or an extra neutral.  You can see the grounding wires today on every couple of poles.  By doing this they gave electricity an alternate path back, however it also means using the earth as a return source.    Undersized primary neutral returns I talk about here and can be tested.   Understanding this frame work, leads to how contact current fits into all of this.

By using the earth, or in some cases the water/sewage system of municipalities,  as a means to complete a circuit you open up many pathways for electricity to travel.  This means that you have small amounts of electricity running through your home.  Biological processes relevant to cancer start at 18 micro amps as stated in this paper here, as well as numerous other well-programmed studies.  This is measurable, by recording the wave form and by also measuring the amount of current running through your body done with a voltmeter.  There are areas that Kyanna was exposed in our house (mainly the basement) that  were higher than 18 micro amps which only adds more pieces to the puzzle.

The Puzzle Series Part 3: Calcium Ions and Vitamins

Kyanna had issues with some chemicals, vitamin deficiencies, gastrointestinal problems, cell permeability, as well as undersized white blood cells.  Though on the surface these may appear to be a set of problems all onto themselves, there are links that tie all of these together.

The majority of the following details are discussed at much greater length here and here, with other papers linked at various points.  The following is a very high overview of the details presented in these two papers.

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) in research have been shown to disrupt, incite, or alter the biological processes of cells.  For example, exposure to EMF’s will trigger a biological response, such as your body creating more cortisol.  Cortisol is a stress hormone that will put the body into a ‘fight or flight’ mode.  In doing so it can also lower the body’s immune system.  In the short run this can actually prove useful, however prolonged periods of increased levels of cortisol leaves the body vulnerable to many things such as precancerous cells.  By having the body in a heightened state for long periods of time, you lose the short term benefit and create a weaker system.  Continuous exposure to EMF’s can do this to a person.

Calcium ions are affected by EMF’s and this has ramifications in many areas of health.  The flow of calcium ions is critical to overall health as well as maintaining the permeability of the cells.  Exposure to EMF’s can alter the flow of calcium ions, which leads to higher cell permeability.  Once this happens, many foreign things may pass through the cell membrane.  In Kyanna’s case, this would lead to issues with chemical sensitivities.   It is also through the disruption of the calcium ions that the gastrointestinal barrier can be disrupted.

Exposure to EMF’s has been shown to decrease levels of key vitamins in blood of exposed subjects such as this paper here.  This was also one of Kyanna’s known issues.  Without proper nutrition, your white blood cells are not going to: 1) be as big as they should be 2) work like they should.  If your white blood cells are not working like they should then you could be headed for host of issues.

Understanding the links between systems is important.  In 2015 a paper was published that shows a link with the nervous system and the immune system here.  In most cases the areas that are most affected by EMF’s are your central nervous system (CNS), blood, and skin because this is what comes in contact with first.  If you have something that can alter your CNS, it is not that outrageous to consider the ramifications of all of the systems that are tied to that system, such as your immune system.  Kyanna had a brain cancer, however she also had a list of things that would have been treated individually.  When I look back  we were treating all the symptoms, because we didn’t see the connection between everything. Chronic exposure to EMF’s connect all of those pieces.    We were only fixing part of the problems.  All of the frequencies that have been linked to the detrimental effects are frequencies that Kyanna was continuously exposed to all day, every day.


The Puzzle Series Part 2: The Blood Brain Barrier

The blood brain barrier (BBB) as the name would imply is a security system for the brain.  It is what regulates what gets in and also what gets out of the brain.  It is the last line of defense to keep bacteria, virus, toxins, and some metals out.  Some metals, like mercury, are able to cross the BBB, which make them more dangerous for humans.  The BBB can also make getting medication like chemotherapy to the brain to fight gliomas difficult.  Breaching or leakage in the BBB is the start for allowing something bad to happen.  People with brain tumors have an issue with BBB, the question is why?

In 1975 Dr. Allen Frey published a paper here that described how exposing animals to RF frequencies caused leakage of the BBB.  It is also important to note that when the animals’ BBB leaked, it continued to do so even after exposure had stopped; the BBB continued to leak for more than an hour after exposure.  There was also a noticeable difference in the type of frequency used, whether is was constant or pulsed frequencies.  The pulsed frequency changed brain permeability and behavior more than a constant frequency.  Today many of our electronic gadgets use a pulsed frequency.  These results have been validated by many others including Professor Leif Salford in Sweden.   His experiment yielded the same results which can be read here.

The frequencies that were used in those experiments are similar to those that we use for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cell phones, DECT phones, and baby monitors.  At the time of Kyanna’s diagnosis, she was continually exposed to Wi-Fi (in the home and at school), Bluetooth, and as a child she had baby monitors close to her. RF frequencies can provide the means to cause leakage or a breakdown of the BBB.   The frequencies that have been shown to do this are inundated in our lives and we are all exposed to them, some of us 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.  Finding a source for Kyanna’s blood brain permeability issues sadly isn’t hard to find.  What is even more upsetting is that it has been known about for more than 40 years.    In the last years of Kyanna’s life, she was exposed to multiple sources on a daily basis that have been shown to cause leakage of the BBB.

The Puzzle Series Part 1

Over the course of the following posts I am going to do something that I have only done in bits and pieces up until now.  That is, I am going to explain how it is I came to believe that the reason Kyanna developing DIPG was from an over exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and electromagnetic fields (EMF).  Up until now there have been just bits and pieces and trying to get a clear picture may be difficult.  In order to explain all of this it is going to take more than one post.  I will do my best to explain things in every day terms, because after all if you can’t understand it, what good is trying to teach it? There will be many pieces presented, research papers and papers written by experts in the field, as well as references to other blog posts that I have made over the last few months.  By the end of the series, it is my hope that when you take all of the pieces from these posts and put them together you will see a picture similar to what I see.

There are some important things to keep in mind when reading all of these.  One is all the items that I will be talking about are measurable.  All of the fields and waveforms can be measured and in many cases by more than one kind of instrument.  Electronics and electricity is based on science.  The rules of science either work all of the time or none of the time.  An example of this is gravity.   No matter where you are on the planet if you drop something it will fall, in relation to Laws of Physics.  We have yet to find an exception to the gravity rule.  When science and the working of the human body are involved, results vary all over the place.  The human body and all of its workings is a variable, and honestly a mystery that science has yet to unravel and therefore we can’t fully account for.  One of most unique things about the human body is its ability to repair itself. Everyone’s body does this at different levels and different rates.  The result is that different people have problems with different things or reacting differently to the same stimulus.  For example, I can eat any kind of nut that is brought in front of me.  However, there are many people that if they ate those same nuts will die in a matter of minutes.  Are nuts dangerous to everyone?  No, but they do pose real dangers for some.  For some the results are deadly, and for others they are less serious.  I believe the same can be said for EMF’s.

All of the items that will be posted about in this series will lead back to all of the issues that we found with Kyanna.  All of these issues can be found in Kyanna’s caring bridge page in the post THE WHY?  To recap, the issues that we knew Kyanna had included issues with blood brain permeability, chemical sensitivities, allergens to food, nutritional deficiencies, cell membrane permeability, gastrointestinal issues, heavy metals present in her body, undersized white blood cells, and of course the fact that she had brain cancer.  The following posts explain the simple question, why?  Unfortunately the answer is not so simple.