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Filters and a meter is a must for any home and with these you can measure the dirty electricity in your environment as well as mitigate it.  An average home will need about 20 filters.  These are not something that you replace yearly and should last a lifetime.  If you ever move you can take them with you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Stetzerizer Filters for? Stetzerizer Filters remove or reduce high-frequency pollutants from the electrical wiring in your home or business.
How can I tell if I need Stetzerizer Filters? If you and your neighbors have electronic equipment connected to electric outlets you need Stetzerizer Filters. The Stetzerizer Microsurge meter can be used as an aid in determining exactly how many filters you may need.
How many Stetzerizer Filters do I need? It usually takes 20 filters to effectively “clean up” the average home. Homes with more electronic equipment (i.e. computers, printers, fax machines, televisions) may require more filters. View our filter installation instructions for more information.
What is the lifespan of Stetzerizer Filters? Stetzerizer Filters are not like oil filters that fill up with use. They are an electronic component, and should last a lifetime.
Do I need an electrician to install Stetzerizer Filters? No. Stetzerizer Filters are designed so that anyone can properly install them. Simply plug the filters into an electrical outlet or power strip.
How do I install Stetzerizer Filters in my home? View our filter installation instructions document for more information.
I plugged in a Stetzerizer Filter and there was a spark. Is this normal? Yes, it is normal for the filters to spark when being plugged in. This should not hurt you, your electronic equipment, or the filters.
I plugged in a Stetzerizer Filter and it started humming. Should it do this? No. When a Stetzerizer Filter is humming, it is overloaded. To resolved this problem, simply plug in more filters. Remember, it takes an average of 20 filters to clean up a home. One or two filters cannot do the work of twenty.
How can I tell if a Stetzerizer Filter is working? The only way to tell if a Stetzerizer Filter is working is with the use of an oscilloscope or specially designed meter. However, many people claim they can tell the filters are working because they start to feel better.