When it comes to mitigating EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) you may come across the slogan “Low EMF”.  If you are wondering what that means, well your guess will be as good as mine. “Low EMF” is just a vague statement especially when no reference is given.  In reality, something that is labeled as “Low EMF” should be taken as lightly as the terminology or usage of the word “natural” in relation to quality of food.  The question then is what do you look for?  Here are some tips to help and some ways to test.

Low EMF can relate to many different fields or frequencies.  Knowing what is lower is the first key.  The second point to make here is that if it is lower then there should be a measurement to show testing before and after.  There are devices to measure all of the fields and frequencies, so you should be able to see these measurements.  If this is not stated, shown, or explained, then just keep shopping.

There are many items that are marketed as low EMF.  The common assumption is that this will make an item safe.  Please know that this is often not the case.  If you are wearing a pendent to block EMFs, or have something on your phone or tablet, know that these don’t make them safe, and in many cases it is questionable if they are doing anything at all.  Many people buy these items thinking they have made their device ‘safe’.  They have not.  The worst part is that in thinking they are now ‘safe’ they use the item even more, which is even more dangerous.

The easiest way to test the quality of a pendent or something you put on your phone is to simply try and use it.  If your phone still works then the item doesn’t work as well as it should and in my opinion you shouldn’t buy it.  What does work then?  Airplane mode works and is build into most all devices and it is free. It works.  Wrapping your phone in aluminum foil 3-4 times works.  Try that and then call the phone, it should go straight to voice mail.  If it doesn’t wrap it a couple more times.  Putting a device in an all metal container will also work as well as any type of Faraday Cage.   The best way to lower exposure is to not have a cell phone, but if you need one, please do one of the things mentioned above.

The sauna industry is a great example of an industry that recognized the harm of magnetic fields and took a proactive response to reduce them.  Infrared Saunas are used to help promote a healthy lifestyle and have many health benefits.  What is not a benefit is being exposed to high magnetic fields.  It is because of this that you will see some marketed as ‘Low EMF’.  What should low mean?  If the sales person or site that is selling the sauna doesn’t state what the magnetic fields are then just keep shopping.  When you do find this you are looking for fields that are less than 1 milligauss or .1 microtesla. Ideally these measurements should be taken in close proximity to the heating elements.  The ambient field within the sauna should be under 1 mG. This magnetic field level recommendation comes from the BioInitiative Report.

If you come across something that you have questions on, please just ask by sending an email to darnell@flutterbusters.com.   I can point out the things that you should be looking for in the item so you can make a more informed choice.