Research and References

On this page you will find research and references, many that have been published in peer reviewed journals, as well as other papers and articles that explain the effects of electromagnetic radiation on humans and animals.  In a book written by Travis Christofferson he states, “Coincidences are not evidence by themselves, but neither do they exist in a vacuum.”  There are thousands upon thousands of papers that show adverse effects to electromagnetic radiation (EMR), at this point we are beyond coincidences.  Below are just a very small sample of those papers.


The following papers give an overview of the problems that we are facing.

Electrification of the US   – This published paper shows a link between the rise of the electrification of the US and also a rise in heart disease, cancer, suicide, and diabetes as a result.

Biological overview – This is an overview written by Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy that explains how electromagnetic fields effect us on a biological cell level.

Public Health – This published paper examines the health impact from electromagnetic radiation.


Dirty electricity has been linked to a number of health concerns.  Dirty electricity is everywhere.  The Stetzerizer filter is designed to reduce your exposure to dirty electricity in your home and living environment.    If you would like to purchase filters for your home I would suggest buying 20 to start  (which the average home will need) and a meter to read the dirty electricity in your home/office.  These can be purchased here.  Along with the purchase I will send detailed instructions on how to install them for best results.

Cancer in Schools – This is a published paper showing a link between dirty electricity and cancer rates in schools.

Dirty electricity and behavior in Minnesota schools – Published paper that shows an improvement in behavior with the installation of filters in schools.

Behavior linked to dirty electricity in Toronto Schools – This paper was presented at the 3rd International Workshop on the Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields, 4-8 October 2004, Kos, Greece

School Overview – This article was written by Dr. Magda Havas and has information regarding dirty electricity as it relates to inhaler use, maintenance cost savings, and general health and well-being.

Dirty electricity, Diabetes, and MS – This is a published article and deals with dirty electricity and its effects on Multiple Sclerosis and diabetes.

Dirty electricity and Diabetes  – Published article about dirty electricity and it’s links to diabetes.

Dirty electricity, chronic stress, neurotransmitters and disease – This published paper looks at the effect of dirty electricity on neurotransmitters.

Dirty electricity and blood glucose correlation – This paper correlates dirty electricity and blood glucose.


Contact Current – This published paper discussed contact current and the adverse effects that can arise from it such as childhood leukemia.

Brain cancer and phones – this study looks at the use of cell phones and cordless phones and the rates of brain cancer from using them over a course of time.

EMR reduces melatonin in animals and people – A review of the effects of EMR on melatonin levels.

Brain tumors and phones – This published paper looks at the risk of brain tumors and the use of cordless and cell phones.

Review of EMR on Reproductive Health – review on the effects of EMR on reproductive health

Weak magnetic fields – This article looks at weak magnetic fields on biological systems.

EMR produces sterility in mice – This is a published paper that looks at the effects of mice’s reproductive health living near an antennae park.

EMR on miscarriages and asthma – This published paper looks at the effects of exposure to magnetic fields by women who are pregnant and the links to miscarriages and asthma of the offspring due to that exposure.

Autism and EMF Part 1 and Part 2 – These are two papers that deal with EMF and Autism

US Naval Institute – In 1972 the US Navy compiled a list of all the then known research papers and the effects (radio waves sickness) on animals and people.   This work cites 2311 references as well as areas of the body that it affects.

Blood Brain Permeability – This published paper talks of the weakening of the Blood Brain Barrier after being exposed to microwave frequencies.

WiFi in schools – this article discusses the use of WiFi in schools as well as how countries like France and Israel have certain bans on WiFi around children, while Russia recommends that WiFi not be used in schools.

Cell Tower Studies –  This is a list of cell phone tower studies and the findings which would include but are not limited to signs of cancer, neurological, and biological disorders.

ALS and current – This paper discusses how Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s disease) is caused by electric currents applied to or induced in the body.

Problems with living near power transmission lines – This published study looked at the health concerns with living near power transmission lines.



Follow the example – This is courtesy of Environmental Health Trust and lists what other countries have done to limit exposures to EMR as well as limiting the advertisement of cell phones to youth.