Magnetic Fields and Miscarriages

Recently there was a research paper that found higher rates of miscarriages based on an individual’s exposure to magnetic fields which you may read here.   In this paper they found that you have an almost 3 times (2.72) higher chance of a miscarriage by being exposed to a magnetic field of more 2.5 mG for more than 14 minutes.  Another paper that had similar findings found that women that were exposed to a field of over 16 mG had a higher chance of having a miscarriage, which can be read here.

Fields of this magnitude are not difficult to find in a common home.  Below lists some electrical items that can create fields of 2.5 mG, or items that can create fields larger than 18 mG.  Many of these items are commonly used for greater than 14 minutes at close proximity.

Electric Blankets

Electric Space Heaters

Hair Dryer

Electric Toothbrush

Electric Razors

Massage Chairs

Electric Saunas

Motorized Beds

Alarm Clock Radios

Electrical Utility Panels

Electric Cook-tops

Convection Oven

Conventional Oven


Plasma TV’s

Small Fans

Kitchen Appliances

Electric Power Tools

Computer Desktops

Wiring Errors in the Home

Just because you have something on this list doesn’t mean you have to get rid of it.  Many of these items you can still use by simply creating a safe distance.  The farther away you are the less the field will be.  In the case of wiring errors, these you can fix.




2 thoughts on “Magnetic Fields and Miscarriages

  1. Rachael Mattson

    Hi Joe, I recently had the opportunity to use an Stetzerizer EMF meter in my home. My home averages between 50-1600+. Is there such thing as a “whole home” filter or do you need many Stetzerizer filters to bring my numbers down to a safer level. Thank you for your input!


    1. At first the filters were whole house filters (meaning you just needed one). However as time went on Stetzer and Graham found that having individual filters placed throughout the house at various locations yielded better results. If you are getting readings in the 50-1600 range the first thing to do is take a hard look at your light bulbs that you are using. You should not be using any kind of CFL bulb. If you are using LED bulbs test them to make sure they are not causing more issues with dirty electricity, otherwise use an incandescent version (or halogen) for lighting, if you no longer have the meter to test. By addressing lighting issues first you can save yourself money on extra filters. If you are wondering where to start with LED bulbs please read the post called LED Bulbs.


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