LED Bulbs


Recently I found myself needing to buy some LED bulbs. All of the bulbs, around my light bulb, were bought at Menards.  You should be able to find these at really any home improvement store.  These are the only ones that I kept. When I was testing to find the ‘good’ LED know that I ended up returning about 2 times the amount of bulbs that I kept.  If you are going to get any of these bulbs double check to make sure they are good.  Also make sure they are EXACTLY the same bulb as the one in the picture.

Like I have said before you will need to test LED bulbs to see if they produce dirty electricity.  The easiest way to do this is with a Microsurge meter, which can be bought here and instructions can be found here.


6 thoughts on “LED Bulbs

    1. At the time I tested them, yes they were. There is a very good chance they still are, however I will not guarantee they are and that is why there is still a need to test. I test all of the LED bulbs that I buy. I included the picture so you can match the boxes. Make sure they are the exact boxes, for those that don’t have the means to tests.


    1. Do these produce dirty electricity? Have you tested them? If they don’t then these would be a good purchase, but if they do then you you are better off buying something else.


      1. Gems Gram

        I measured with my EMF meter the empty outlet and then with the nightlight plugged in and turned on. No increase.

        I inquired with LowBlueLights.com for confirmation. I received this reply:
        Our nightlights use very low current and do not produce dirty electricity.
        Richard L. Hansler PhD


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