Magnetic Fields and Miscarriages

Recently there was a research paper that found higher rates of miscarriages based on an individual’s exposure to magnetic fields which you may read here.   In this paper they found that you have an almost 3 times (2.72) higher chance of a miscarriage by being exposed to a magnetic field of more 2.5 mG for more than 14 minutes.  Another paper that had similar findings found that women that were exposed to a field of over 16 mG had a higher chance of having a miscarriage, which can be read here.

Fields of this magnitude are not difficult to find in a common home.  Below lists some electrical items that can create fields of 2.5 mG, or items that can create fields larger than 18 mG.  Many of these items are commonly used for greater than 14 minutes at close proximity.

Electric Blankets

Electric Space Heaters

Hair Dryer

Electric Toothbrush

Electric Razors

Massage Chairs

Electric Saunas

Motorized Beds

Alarm Clock Radios

Electrical Utility Panels

Electric Cook-tops

Convection Oven

Conventional Oven


Plasma TV’s

Small Fans

Kitchen Appliances

Electric Power Tools

Computer Desktops

Wiring Errors in the Home

Just because you have something on this list doesn’t mean you have to get rid of it.  Many of these items you can still use by simply creating a safe distance.  The farther away you are the less the field will be.  In the case of wiring errors, these you can fix.




What is Dirty Electricity?

When we talk about clean power we are referring to how perfect the Sine Wave is.  How much distortion is being caused by harmonics?  What the total harmonic distortion (THD) is.  The IEEE (Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers) has standards for THD which can be found in the IEEE 519.  The basic, short version is that standard power that is supplied to your home will have no more than 5% harmonic voltage distortion with the largest single harmonic being no more than 3% of the fundamental voltage.   If you are shopping for inverter generators this is sometimes mentioned as a selling point if they have really low THD.  Inverter generators have other issues as described in this blog post.  What the Microsurge meter does is quantifies the THD in your home by analyzing what frequencies are present in the THD.  If you have an oscilloscope reading, then you have a much better break-down of which frequencies you are dealing with that make your THD.

On this page you will be find many before and after pictures of graphs that show a reduction in frequencies on the building wires after installing Stetzerizer Filters.  The frequencies that are reduced or eliminated are the ones that range from 4 kHz to 100 kHz (which the filters are designed to filter because they are biologically active frequencies).   People who are electronically sensitive will react to this frequency range on a building’s wires. You can find these frequencies in almost every building in America; the only exception being those buildings that have filters plugged in.  These frequencies are created primarily by the electronics that we have which include but are not limited to: switch mode power supplies, computers, certain light bulbs, variable frequency drives,  game consoles, Blue Ray players, and generally anything that uses a non-linear load.  Non-linear loads are pretty much found in all the electronics and ‘green items’  that you have in your home today.

The first step in dealing with any problem is getting a measurement of how bad it is.  Measure first to find out what your levels are.  To do this, you will need a device like the Microsurge Meter.  The higher the number on this device, the worse it is.   To reduce this number you simply plug in filters where you need them (you will not need one in all of your outlets).  To order a Microsurge Filter and filters with instructions to fix your home, click on this link.