Camping and Inverters

With the weather getting nicer, camping season is just right around the corner for many of us.  For some this means pulling a camper behind you to your favorite destination or packing a tent to get away and relax.  This also means trying to figure out a way to power everything.  This was exactly my thought recently as I tried to purchase a couple different forms of power to take with us.  To my disappointment, I ended up returning both items.  Here is why.

Many people that go camping want power.  If you can’t plug into an outlet then you will want to bring the power with you.  This means getting a generator.   Regular AC generators can be rather loud and really take away peace and quiet that you want when you are camping.  This was my thought and so like many I looked to an inverter generator, which is much quieter.   After much research I choose a 2000W Inverter Generator made my WEN.  I choose this because it claimed the lowest THD which was at .3% at no load and 1.2% at max load.  Everything was fine until I fired this up and plugged in the Mircosurge Meter to take a reading.  The reading was over 2000 G/S units.  By plugging in two Stetzerizer Filters the G/S reading was still 500, which is a far cry from the 30 G/S units I was hoping for.  What does 2000 G/S unit look like?  Just take a look at the red in the picture below.   The area between the cursors represents a frequency of 20 kHz.

Inverter generator

The blue wave shown above is 60 Hz power, the same that runs in our homes.  The high red waveform is the high frequency that is riding on the 60 Hz cycle (blue wave).

Another item that I tried was a battery inverter.  In this case it was a Suaoki 220 Wh/20,000 mAh Portable Generator Power Source Power Supply.  When I plugged in my Microsurge Meter to test this, it gave readings of 1700 G/S and after adding two filters the reading only came down to once again 500 G/S units.  The waveform is shown below.   The area between the cursor is 33 kHz.

Battery Inverter

The problems shown for these two items are very common.  I was hoping to find an exception to the rule but I did not.  Since both of these items created very large amounts of dirty electricity I ended up returning both of these items.  It seems that when we camp now we will be doing so with less electricity, and possibly the way that we should have been doing it all along.

If you are wondering about your inverter generator,  or even testing your camper (since most campers have an inverter in them) all you would need to test this is a Microsurge Meter.    Simply plug in the meter and read the number.  The higher the number the worse it is.  To lower the number just add a filter in the plug in.  Test all the plug ins and add filters anywhere the reading drops more than 20%.  In our camper we have 5 filters plugged in.  You can purchase meters and filters by clicking this link.


Recently in my local newspaper there was an article about CFL light bulbs.  This can be read here.  If you have read this or have CFL’s in your home please take time to read this.

Using the argument that ‘because we have always done it so it must safe’ should never be made.  There is a reason we have done away with mercury filled thermometers.  Mercury is toxic at any level.  Even more toxic for pregnant women and children.  However, besides the mercury issue there are many more factors that make CFL’s toxic.  The mercury in them is just one.

All fluorescent lighting will give off a radio frequency because this is part of the process for them to make light.  If a person is standing near this type of lighting it will generate current within a person’s body the closer that you stand next to it.  The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences recognizes that at 18 microamps biological processes relevant to cancer take place.  This is almost 1/1000 of what a regular outlet is rated for.  If you were to stand near a CFL you will be over this.  If you have one in a lamp by your bed or on your desk, chances are you are over this.  This can be easily measured with a voltmeter (FLUKE 187,189 or 287 can all do this) or you can even capture the waveform with an oscilloscope.  This is not the only radio frequency that fluorescents will generate.

Almost all fluorescent light bulbs and CFL’s will add a radio frequency back onto your building’s wires.  These are harmonics which can be called high frequency voltage transients, or easier referred to as dirty electricity.  This too is easily measured with either an oscilloscope or a Mircosurge Meter.   There are numerous research papers that talk of the health implications of being around areas that have high levels of dirty electricity.  Cancer once again is one, but there are many more.

In order, to achieve energy efficiency, we have gone from linear loads (primary used in the 70’s) to non-linear loads today.  The ubiquitous use of non-linear loads (all our electronics are non-linear) has also created issues for the utility companies.  The byproduct of achieving energy efficient products are harmonics which are normally left unaccounted for, mainly because of the belief that since it is a small amount it is ok.  These small amounts add up and what you are left with thus is ground current, (since neutral and ground are bonded).  In many places the primary neutral return is too small to carry the load.   The harmonics generated from all these devices are in the frequency of radio waves and it is possible then to pick these up with an AM radio, either one that is hand held or even in your car radio.  The buzzing sound that you hear in your AM radio or the reason that your AM station cuts when driving by power lines is due to our use of non-linear loads and ‘green’ energy.

If you are looking for energy efficient light bulbs look to LED instead.   Be careful though as many LED’s will also create dirty electricity.  You must test them to find out which ones don’t.

Making your cell phone safe

Today one of the biggest exposures to EMF in your daily life comes from the very thing that most people can’t stand to live without, their phone.  Ironically, there are a lot of people that realize that their phone might be doing something harmful to them.  In order to combat this there are numerous companies that have sprung up and claim that adding this or that to your phone will make your phone safe.  The real question is how do you make your phone safe to use?  This is where the paradox starts, because the truth is if your phone works, it is not safe.

EMF’s simply put are toxins.  Toxins at any level aren’t ‘safe‘.  EMF’s can damage DNA as Dr. Henry Lai found as far back as the mid 1990’s.   A  comprehensive paper written on the toxic effects of EMF exposure written by Dr. Neil Cherry can be read here.  The latest cell phone study done by the National Toxicology Program reports increased DNA damage as well.  The paper is expected by December of this year.

How can you tell if the little device that is stuck to your phone is doing anything?  Well it is pretty simple. Does the phone still work?  Can you call it?  If the answer is yes to either one of these, then sadly you have wasted your money.  If you are currently shopping for a sticker for your phone and in the marketing says ‘that will not alter the function of your phone’ then it would be best to keep on walking.  It would be very comparable to smoking a non filtered cigarette versus a filtered cigarette.  Yes with a filtered cigarette you are getting less tar and all of the other harmful things that are found in cigarettes, but the fact remains that you are still smoking.  Smoking is toxic just like EMF’s are toxic.

What can you do?  The best option is to give up your phone.  That is what I did, however this is something almost everyone is not willing to do.  The next best option is to use airplane mode on your phone or device as much as possible.  THIS IS FREE and built into the phone.   If you are unwilling to use airplane mode then the option becomes even more cumbersome and less effective.   Other options include wrapping your phone in aluminum foil.  This will of course drain your battery faster than normal.  The last option would be buying a metal Faraday Cage for your phone, and makes using your phone much harder.

If you have fallen for some device that you wear or have on your phone, you are not alone.  I fell for this too because like everyone that buys these items I wanted to make my phone safe.  Buying something and putting it on my phone made me feel safe.  That was an illusion.  The reality is that my phone still worked ,and I under the illusion that I was safe, used my phone and devices as much if not more instead of less.  The reality, I was making myself feel worse not better.  On top of that I was around my little girl that had stage 4 cancer, which certainly didn’t help and only made matters worse for Kyanna (Puzzle Series).




When it comes to mitigating EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) you may come across the slogan “Low EMF”.  If you are wondering what that means, well your guess will be as good as mine. “Low EMF” is just a vague statement especially when no reference is given.  In reality, something that is labeled as “Low EMF” should be taken as lightly as the terminology or usage of the word “natural” in relation to quality of food.  The question then is what do you look for?  Here are some tips to help and some ways to test.

Low EMF can relate to many different fields or frequencies.  Knowing what is lower is the first key.  The second point to make here is that if it is lower then there should be a measurement to show testing before and after.  There are devices to measure all of the fields and frequencies, so you should be able to see these measurements.  If this is not stated, shown, or explained, then just keep shopping.

There are many items that are marketed as low EMF.  The common assumption is that this will make an item safe.  Please know that this is often not the case.  If you are wearing a pendent to block EMFs, or have something on your phone or tablet, know that these don’t make them safe, and in many cases it is questionable if they are doing anything at all.  Many people buy these items thinking they have made their device ‘safe’.  They have not.  The worst part is that in thinking they are now ‘safe’ they use the item even more, which is even more dangerous.

The easiest way to test the quality of a pendent or something you put on your phone is to simply try and use it.  If your phone still works then the item doesn’t work as well as it should and in my opinion you shouldn’t buy it.  What does work then?  Airplane mode works and is build into most all devices and it is free. It works.  Wrapping your phone in aluminum foil 3-4 times works.  Try that and then call the phone, it should go straight to voice mail.  If it doesn’t wrap it a couple more times.  Putting a device in an all metal container will also work as well as any type of Faraday Cage.   The best way to lower exposure is to not have a cell phone, but if you need one, please do one of the things mentioned above.

The sauna industry is a great example of an industry that recognized the harm of magnetic fields and took a proactive response to reduce them.  Infrared Saunas are used to help promote a healthy lifestyle and have many health benefits.  What is not a benefit is being exposed to high magnetic fields.  It is because of this that you will see some marketed as ‘Low EMF’.  What should low mean?  If the sales person or site that is selling the sauna doesn’t state what the magnetic fields are then just keep shopping.  When you do find this you are looking for fields that are less than 1 milligauss or .1 microtesla. Ideally these measurements should be taken in close proximity to the heating elements.  The ambient field within the sauna should be under 1 mG. This magnetic field level recommendation comes from the BioInitiative Report.

If you come across something that you have questions on, please just ask by sending an email to   I can point out the things that you should be looking for in the item so you can make a more informed choice.

The Importance of a Symbol

In Owen-Withee there is a garden with my daughter’s name, Kyanna, on it.  On the surface it is easy to recall a 7 year old girl that died of brain cancer, simply because it has her name.  To a point a you would be right in thinking that.  It is a remembrance in a way, but it also a symbol of so much more that you don’t see and is lost.

It is not hard to find the bad in life.  It would seem that by looking at a news feed or even your Facebook feeds that there is bad all over.  Horrible things happening what seems like all the time.   There seems to be an endless supply of this news that we are fed and at least for me after so many years of it, you can get lost in that.   You can start to become more cynical and start to close yourself and may even start to believe all that you read or see in the news, because after all if there was good in the world we would surely hear about it, right?  The good is often overlooked or forgotten.  Finding a symbol of good things is even harder.

For anyone that has received an unfathomable amount of help, it changes you.  It changed me.   When you see people that have no idea who you are and are trying to help for no better reason than that they believe it is right thing to do, that leaves a lasting impression.   You are awed,  humbled, grateful, and can even be meant to feel unworthy of all that has been given to you.  Asking for help is just as hard as receiving it.

When I look at the garden in Owen-Withee I remember my daughter, however more importantly I remember all those that made that possible.  I remember people coming together to make something better, because they felt that a situation was wrong.  I see a symbol of people that care and are trying to make the world a better place.  I see people helping someone else in a time of need.  I see the good in people when I see that garden, and I remember there were many people that made that possible, they are the stars in our night sky.  Simply put, the garden reminds me of the goodness in humanity.  For me, it is a symbol and an embodiment of all things that are good in this world.  I hope when you look upon the garden you will see that as well.


Flutter Buster Snowshoe Race


Proceeds from this race will go towards the garden that is in front of the Owen-Withee Schools as well as the Kyanna Joy Darnell Flutter Buster Fund through Eau Claire Community Foundation.  If you are interested in going please fill out and return the form below.  If you are unable to make it for the race you can still make a tax deductible donation to the fund.  To donate click here.




Simplistic Rules for Shopping

January is the time when many will spend a lot of money on things they perceive as healthy.  They will join gyms, buy equipment, and set lofty goals to do a 30, 60, or 90 day challenge; then once done will revert back to before and be back to where they started.   Ironically many do this year after year.  Health is not complicated; it is simple, you just have do it.  The thing that you have the most control over is what you eat and what you feed your family.  The following is what we do.  Really there are only two rules that I follow when I do the grocery shopping.

Rule #1: If it has sugar added to it, don’t buy it.  

Like every parent today, there has never been a time when I was worried that my children were getting enough sugar.  Manufacturers put sugar in almost everything, doubt me? Go and read the labels on the food in your home.  For as simple as this rule sounds, as you start to read labels, you will see how hard this is to follow.  Know that this also includes anything that is a sweetener which would include things like high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, honey, maple syrup, and all of the other natural and artificial sweeteners.  Why do this you ask?  This ties back to the Warburg Effect talked about in the last post.

Rule #2: If you can’t read it or don’t know what it is then don’t buy it.

Since you are already reading the label to see if it has sugar and you come across an ingredient that looks like it should be given in the national spelling bee, then chances are it is not all that good for you.  If you don’t know what the ingredients are then don’t buy it.  For me, if the list of ingredients is really long I don’t even bother to read them, I just put the item back.  The simpler the better.  The litmus test is being able to read the ingredients, however as you go along you will find many things are renamed or called something that is readable.   Be wary of descriptions that are vague–like natural favors, spices, or caramel coloring.   If need be take your phone out of airplane mode and search for the ingredient listed.

If you are trying to apply these rules at all times, then the places that you can eat out at and also the items that you can eat from there just became very, very small.  Traveling was and is the hardest thing to do because of the way we eat.   However, with a little forethought you can avoid having a hungry, angry family.



Otto Warburg

In the early part of the last century Otto Warburg made an important discovery.  One that was the basis for the way that we treated Kyanna’s cancer, and really how we live our lives now.  Know as “the Warburg effect”, Otto Warburg noticed that cancers cells, even in the presence of oxygen would ferment glucose.  Explained in the most basic of terms, cancer cells use sugar as their fuel.

Your body’s cells have two ways that they can produce energy.  One is through aerobic respiration (with oxygen), the other is anaerobic respiration (without oxygen, ferments sugar).  Under normal circumstances your cells will use aerobic respiration, however in times when you need more energy, your cells will use anaerobic respiration, which is much less efficient but can give you the energy you need in times of need.  Times this is important could be things like running for your life from something, exercising hard, or just under constant stress.  Normally your body will shift between these two modes, but with cancer it seems that it will get stuck in the anaerobic respiration as Warburg found.  The question then becomes how do you get the cells back into aerobic respiration?

With any living organism, if you take away its food source it will have two options, one is die and the other is adapt and eat something else.  For a cell this would mean going back to aerobic respiration.  How do you starve a cancer cell?  In this case you stop eating sugar, anything that will turn into sugar (carbs), and things that are naturally high in sugar (fruits).   Besides cancer cells, your body also needs sugar.  Namely, your brain needs sugar to operate.  However referring back earlier in the paragraph, in the absence of sugar your body will adapt and will produce what are called ketones.  Ketones then act as the sugar that your body needs, and the beauty is that cancer cells are not able to use ketones.  This is the reasoning behind why our family did the Ketogenic Diet, and to some extent continues to do so.  Not only can this diet be helpful for cancer, but also epilepsy and weight loss (since your body is converting fat you eat as well as the fat you have stored into fuel).   You can easily find if you are in ketosis with a simple monitor that will analyze your blood with strips, much like a diabetic strips.  This is something that we monitored with Kyanna every couple of days.

Electromagnetic fields and frequencies (EMFs) in the most simplistic explanation can cause stress on the body.  The stress it causes will range per individual, because everyone reacts to stress differently.  Electromagnetic fields and frequencies are everywhere.  They are inundated in our lives and can be a constant form of stress for people.  It is then best if you can mitigate your exposure as much as possible.   Please refer to previous posts regarding how to mitigate EMFs.  Since there is more than one way to deal with a problem, I am going to address many of the other things that we did with Kyanna and by and large still do.  Many of these are simple things with the hardest part being that you actually have to do them.  This will include such things as diet, therapies, and detoxing that we did and still do.  These are are things we did after we found out Kyanna had cancer.  I wish we had done all these things before Kyanna got sick.  Then if she still would have gotten brain cancer we would know we controlled what we could have controlled.  In my opinion, the best way to prevent cancer would be to act like you already have it.  Make the changes now because these are all things that you can control.  Do not wait until there already is a problem.

For much more information on Warburg’s theory, how it corresponds to current theories, and newer research efforts in cancer research because of it, I would suggest reading Tripping Over The Truth by Travis Christofferson.

The iPhone 7,1/en/

This is a link to Apple’s website that explains the radio frequency exposure, SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) level and steps to take with your iPhone, (these steps can be applied in large part to any phone). This page is referred to in the owners manual, which I am sure everyone has read.  I am going to highlight some key items that you should be made aware of and why.  Anything in bold in this post was just copied and pasted from the linked page above.

Carry iPhone at least 5mm away from your body to ensure exposure levels remain at or below the as-tested levels.

What you should know is that 5 mm is a little less than 1/4 inch, and if you do the conversion is pretty close to 1/5 inch.  This means that if you carry your iPhone in  in your front pocket, your back pocket, your bra, your inside coat pocket, or possibly even your jacket pocket you will be closer than the 5 mm that the manufacturer recommends.  This of course means that you are not using the product as intended and therefore if you were to be harmed by the said product you are going to be hard pressed to receive compensation.   This will also make it hard to call someone since in fact you need to hold the phone.  You might ask ‘how do you carry it then’ and the answer is, when you carry the phone make sure it is in airplane mode.  You will also need to turn off Bluetooth, location, and Wi-Fi (most of these will be turned off when airplane mode is on).  If all of those are turned off, carrying your phone becomes safer.

Cases with metal parts may change the RF performance of the device, including its compliance with RF exposure guidelines, in a manner that has not been tested or certified.

Metal will reflect or block transmission signals.  If your phone is trying to acquire a signal, and you have it in a metal case, it will have to boost its power in order to do this.  This means that you are going to absorb more radio/microwave frequencies.  This of course will mean that you are above the SAR limit that was deemed ‘safe’.  If your iPhone is currently in a metal case, and you plan to be around it, please reread and follow the italics section above.   It would also good to consider a plastic or rubber case, instead of metal.

Here are some other important things to know or consider:

  • The testing for SAR of a phone is done by the manufacturer, not an independent third party, or any government agency.
  • In 2013 the outer ear, called the pinna, was classified by the FCC as an extremity which can be read in this report here.
  • With this classification it means that your outer ear can have the same exposure limits as your hands, wrists, and feet.  Which of course can all be higher than your head.
  • All of the SAR values pertain to an adult, not a teen or child.  Please keep that in mind.

Choosing the Right Light Bulbs

One of the easiest things that you can do in your home to lower your EMF exposure could be to simply change your light bulbs.  There are basically three types of light bulbs: incandescent, fluorescent, and LED.  The question becomes which one should you get and why.

Fluorescent or compact fluorescent (CFL) should be avoided whenever possible.  Here some reasons:

  1. They give off a frequency that will generate current in your body based on proximity. If you are within a few inches of these (which you can find yourself at times if they are in lamps), you will have more than 18 microamps running through your body.  18 microamps is the point at which biological processes relevant to cancer take place as read here..   If you have been to a workshop I have done, I show this.  I also show you this during a home inspection.
  2. The gas in the bulbs contains mercury. Mercury is toxic.  If you were to break the bulb proper cleaning requires what amounts to a hazmat cleanup.
  3. They produce dirty electricity. All the fluorescent bulbs that I have tested do this.  There may be some that don’t, however I have not seen them.  Yes, filters clean this aspect of the bulb, but it is easier to fix a problem if you don’t create one in the first place.
  4. The ballast in the bulb can give off large magnetic fields. This comes more into play when you are in close proximity to the bulb.

Incandescent bulbs (as well as halogen bulbs) are the easiest thing to replace CFL bulbs in your home with.  They do use more power, however the only thing they emit is heat.  No dirty electricity and no frequencies.  This is what I recommend people to start with.  Any brand of incandescent will do.

The last bulb is LED.  LEDs are tricky because some are good but many are not.  You must test them to find out which is which.  You can’t just look at a description, or tell from looking at the box. Most LED bulbs that I have tested will create varying amounts of dirty electricity.  To test this, you will need at least 4 things:

  1. A microsurge meter which you can buy through here
  2. A lamp
  3. A power strip
  4. An outlet that has a low GS reading (which can be measured with the microsurge meter) at least <50 the lower the better. For some this might mean installing filters in your home to achieve this.  The lower the number the better your results will be.

Once you have these the process is simple.  Plug the lamp and microsurge into the powerstrip, (which is plugged into an active outlet) and then read the number on the microsurge meter.  Turn the lamp on, with the bulb you want to test, and if that number is higher than what you started with then the bulb is no good.  If it stays the same, it is good.  Easy as that.  Please note when you turn on the light the microsurge meter will go up and come back down.  This is due to an arc that happens when you make the circuit which is normal.

In summary: Use incandescent bulbs unless you can test LED bulbs, because some LED are ok but many are not.  If you are looking for place to start with LED bulbs email me at and I can get you pointed in the right direction based on your need.  NEVER USE CFLs, and if you have them in your home now, get rid of them. Replace them with incandescent bulbs.