Making your cell phone safe

Today one of the biggest exposures to EMF in your daily life comes from the very thing that most people can’t stand to live without, their phone.  Ironically, there are a lot of people that realize that their phone might be doing something harmful to them.  In order to combat this there are numerous companies that have sprung up and claim that adding this or that to your phone will make your phone safe.  The real question is how do you make your phone safe to use?  This is where the paradox starts, because the truth is if your phone works, it is not safe.

EMF’s simply put are toxins.  Toxins at any level aren’t ‘safe‘.  EMF’s can damage DNA as Dr. Henry Lai found as far back as the mid 1990’s.   A  comprehensive paper written on the toxic effects of EMF exposure written by Dr. Neil Cherry can be read here.  The latest cell phone study done by the National Toxicology Program reports increased DNA damage as well.  The paper is expected by December of this year.

How can you tell if the little device that is stuck to your phone is doing anything?  Well it is pretty simple. Does the phone still work?  Can you call it?  If the answer is yes to either one of these, then sadly you have wasted your money.  If you are currently shopping for a sticker for your phone and in the marketing says ‘that will not alter the function of your phone’ then it would be best to keep on walking.  It would be very comparable to smoking a non filtered cigarette versus a filtered cigarette.  Yes with a filtered cigarette you are getting less tar and all of the other harmful things that are found in cigarettes, but the fact remains that you are still smoking.  Smoking is toxic just like EMF’s are toxic.

What can you do?  The best option is to give up your phone.  That is what I did, however this is something almost everyone is not willing to do.  The next best option is to use airplane mode on your phone or device as much as possible.  THIS IS FREE and built into the phone.   If you are unwilling to use airplane mode then the option becomes even more cumbersome and less effective.   Other options include wrapping your phone in aluminum foil.  This will of course drain your battery faster than normal.  The last option would be buying a metal Faraday Cage for your phone, and makes using your phone much harder.

If you have fallen for some device that you wear or have on your phone, you are not alone.  I fell for this too because like everyone that buys these items I wanted to make my phone safe.  Buying something and putting it on my phone made me feel safe.  That was an illusion.  The reality is that my phone still worked ,and I under the illusion that I was safe, used my phone and devices as much if not more instead of less.  The reality, I was making myself feel worse not better.  On top of that I was around my little girl that had stage 4 cancer, which certainly didn’t help and only made matters worse for Kyanna (Puzzle Series).




6 thoughts on “Making your cell phone safe

  1. Andrea

    What about the Defender Shields? I listened to podcast by the maker of the products and he talked about them being tested. What are your thoughts on these?


    1. When it comes to shielding there are a couple of things to know. To be most effective you need to encase the item where you don’t want RF radiation getting into (you) or the object responsible for creating the RF radiation (phone/computer). The defender pad will only protect what is under the pad, for the length of the pad. You must think in terms of cubes and covering all six sides. The pad only covers one. If you have a laptop on your lap, with a defender pad under it, then it would shield your lap. It would not shield your face, arms, torso, head, or any other part of the body. It will just shield what is under it. If it is stilling on a desk, with a pad under it, it is shielding your desk. If you are still able to use Wi-Fi this should be the first sign this is not shielding everything. Another way to think of it is shielding a light bulb with a mat on one side. Even though the light is least behind the pad light is still able to get around the pad and illuminate the area. To make it dark you must put something over the light so light can’t escape or turn the light off. I don’t recommend the Defender Pads because they are cheaper more effective ways to lessen your exposure.


  2. Kim

    I you put your phone on airplane mode will it ring when someone calls you and can you make calls when it is in airplane mode or do you have to switch it to another setting to make calls?


    1. Calls received in airplane mode will go straight to voice mail. You also can’t make calls in airplane mode. If you are expecting a call turn on your phone, but if not then put it in airplane mode and just check it from time to time by turning airplane mode on and off.


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