EMF (Electromagnetic Fields)

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are all around us.  Anything that uses electricity will create an EMF.  It was assumed that these fields were benign in nature, however there is growing evidence that they are not as benign as many would like you to believe.  EMFs can cause an array of ailments that range from the mild, such as dizziness, to more severe like cancer (refer to links below to learn more and read the studies).

What is being done then?  In other places in the world they have recognized this growing threat and have taken steps to protect the public.   For example, France bans Wi-Fi and wireless devices at nurseries for children under three.  In Israel there is a ban on wireless networks from preschool to 2nd grade and a limitation of 3 hours a week for 3rd and 4th graders.  These are not the only countries but two of many that are limiting use.

The next question is what can you do?  The answer is know what your risks are by having your home inspected to know what is in your electronic environment.  Have a home inspection to learn what is traveling through the air around you, in your walls, and in the ground.  This is something you should only need to do once per home, granted someone doesn’t build a cell tower in your back yard.   If you would like to have an EMF analysis done of your home please contact me at darnell@flutterbusters.com   Know that I am willing to travel to where ever you are.


Below are links to helpful resources on EMF:


Dr. Magda Havas

Dr. Sam Milham

BioInitiative Report

Enviromental Health Trust

Stetzerizer Research

Dr. Olle Johansson You Tube

Symptoms according to the US Naval Medical Research Institute

Wireless to avoid


2 thoughts on “EMF (Electromagnetic Fields)

  1. Jill Keith

    We do not live super close to a cell tower but is there an EMF concern if you live close to high voltage power line? We have the tall main lines running fairly close to our house.


    1. Yes there would be a concern. The taller the lines the farther you want to be away from them. The things that you will want to measure are ground current (contact current) which you don’t want to have reading over 18 microamps. The other measurement you will want is magnetic field strength in the home. For this ideally you want to be less than 1 mG, 0 is best.


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