The Puzzle Series Part 4: Dirty Electricity and Contact Current

Dirty electricity, which is high frequency voltage transient, riding on your building’s wires is an unrecognized problem in many parts of the world.  For one, these frequencies occur at low levels that are non-thermal and because all of our standards are based on thermal effects, they are simply written off by many.   In 2008 there was an epidemiology report published that listed chronic exposure to dirty electricity as an important predictor of cancer incidence in an exposed population.   In this case, it was a cancer cluster in teachers in a California school.  In that study it was concluded that a teacher working in a room with reading >1000 Graham Stetzer (G/S) units had an increased chance of cancer by 13%, while working in a room with readings >2000 G/S units for one year increased the chance of cancer by 26%.   When Kyanna was diagnosed, the classroom that she was in had readings of over 2000 G/S units, as well as many other classrooms that she spent time in.  In terms of our home the max G/S reading was 300 and that was in Kyanna’s bedroom.

A large part of dirty electricity is made up of harmonics.  Harmonics are nothing new and have been around since we started using electricity.  What has changed is the amount that are now produced and are unaccounted for.   Harmonics are created when current and voltage are not used proportionately.  Almost all electronics today work this way, this is called a non-linear load.  Since harmonics are an extremely low frequency, and non-thermal, there has not been much attention paid to them from a health standpoint.   However, because of the engineering problems they can pose, there are limits to the amount of harmonic pollution a machine my produce.  Large loads of harmonics can causes problems for the utilities as well as machines.

Harmonics increase impedance, with increased impedance comes increased resistance, with resistance comes heat, and heat is very bad in electrical systems.   In the early 1990’s the utilities, at least in this area, starting running ground wires on the utility poles, instead of running larger primary neutrals or an extra neutral.  You can see the grounding wires today on every couple of poles.  By doing this they gave electricity an alternate path back, however it also means using the earth as a return source.    Undersized primary neutral returns I talk about here and can be tested.   Understanding this frame work, leads to how contact current fits into all of this.

By using the earth, or in some cases the water/sewage system of municipalities,  as a means to complete a circuit you open up many pathways for electricity to travel.  This means that you have small amounts of electricity running through your home.  Biological processes relevant to cancer start at 18 micro amps as stated in this paper here, as well as numerous other well-programmed studies.  This is measurable, by recording the wave form and by also measuring the amount of current running through your body done with a voltmeter.  There are areas that Kyanna was exposed in our house (mainly the basement) that  were higher than 18 micro amps which only adds more pieces to the puzzle.


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