The Puzzle Series Part 3: Calcium Ions and Vitamins

Kyanna had issues with some chemicals, vitamin deficiencies, gastrointestinal problems, cell permeability, as well as undersized white blood cells.  Though on the surface these may appear to be a set of problems all onto themselves, there are links that tie all of these together.

The majority of the following details are discussed at much greater length here and here, with other papers linked at various points.  The following is a very high overview of the details presented in these two papers.

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) in research have been shown to disrupt, incite, or alter the biological processes of cells.  For example, exposure to EMF’s will trigger a biological response, such as your body creating more cortisol.  Cortisol is a stress hormone that will put the body into a ‘fight or flight’ mode.  In doing so it can also lower the body’s immune system.  In the short run this can actually prove useful, however prolonged periods of increased levels of cortisol leaves the body vulnerable to many things such as precancerous cells.  By having the body in a heightened state for long periods of time, you lose the short term benefit and create a weaker system.  Continuous exposure to EMF’s can do this to a person.

Calcium ions are affected by EMF’s and this has ramifications in many areas of health.  The flow of calcium ions is critical to overall health as well as maintaining the permeability of the cells.  Exposure to EMF’s can alter the flow of calcium ions, which leads to higher cell permeability.  Once this happens, many foreign things may pass through the cell membrane.  In Kyanna’s case, this would lead to issues with chemical sensitivities.   It is also through the disruption of the calcium ions that the gastrointestinal barrier can be disrupted.

Exposure to EMF’s has been shown to decrease levels of key vitamins in blood of exposed subjects such as this paper here.  This was also one of Kyanna’s known issues.  Without proper nutrition, your white blood cells are not going to: 1) be as big as they should be 2) work like they should.  If your white blood cells are not working like they should then you could be headed for host of issues.

Understanding the links between systems is important.  In 2015 a paper was published that shows a link with the nervous system and the immune system here.  In most cases the areas that are most affected by EMF’s are your central nervous system (CNS), blood, and skin because this is what comes in contact with first.  If you have something that can alter your CNS, it is not that outrageous to consider the ramifications of all of the systems that are tied to that system, such as your immune system.  Kyanna had a brain cancer, however she also had a list of things that would have been treated individually.  When I look back  we were treating all the symptoms, because we didn’t see the connection between everything. Chronic exposure to EMF’s connect all of those pieces.    We were only fixing part of the problems.  All of the frequencies that have been linked to the detrimental effects are frequencies that Kyanna was continuously exposed to all day, every day.



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