The Puzzle Series Part 2: The Blood Brain Barrier

The blood brain barrier (BBB) as the name would imply is a security system for the brain.  It is what regulates what gets in and also what gets out of the brain.  It is the last line of defense to keep bacteria, virus, toxins, and some metals out.  Some metals, like mercury, are able to cross the BBB, which make them more dangerous for humans.  The BBB can also make getting medication like chemotherapy to the brain to fight gliomas difficult.  Breaching or leakage in the BBB is the start for allowing something bad to happen.  People with brain tumors have an issue with BBB, the question is why?

In 1975 Dr. Allen Frey published a paper here that described how exposing animals to RF frequencies caused leakage of the BBB.  It is also important to note that when the animals’ BBB leaked, it continued to do so even after exposure had stopped; the BBB continued to leak for more than an hour after exposure.  There was also a noticeable difference in the type of frequency used, whether is was constant or pulsed frequencies.  The pulsed frequency changed brain permeability and behavior more than a constant frequency.  Today many of our electronic gadgets use a pulsed frequency.  These results have been validated by many others including Professor Leif Salford in Sweden.   His experiment yielded the same results which can be read here.

The frequencies that were used in those experiments are similar to those that we use for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cell phones, DECT phones, and baby monitors.  At the time of Kyanna’s diagnosis, she was continually exposed to Wi-Fi (in the home and at school), Bluetooth, and as a child she had baby monitors close to her. RF frequencies can provide the means to cause leakage or a breakdown of the BBB.   The frequencies that have been shown to do this are inundated in our lives and we are all exposed to them, some of us 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.  Finding a source for Kyanna’s blood brain permeability issues sadly isn’t hard to find.  What is even more upsetting is that it has been known about for more than 40 years.    In the last years of Kyanna’s life, she was exposed to multiple sources on a daily basis that have been shown to cause leakage of the BBB.


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