The Puzzle Series Part 7: Summary and What to Do

When I read the obituaries, the first thing that I do is scan them all, looking at the ages of everyone that has died.  If they were over 70, chances are I don’t read them.  The ones that I read first are kids (anyone under 20), then anyone close to my age.  I try to learn what happened to the child (drowning, cancer, allergic reaction, bike injury), learn from it, and apply it in my life so I can keep my child safe. The explanation of Kyanna’s death was highlighted in really 5 posts.  Like an obituary, it is only highlighting the high points that we wanted everyone to know, to understand the depth of a person or a topic it takes much more time and energy.

The big question is: What do you do about this?  Simply, you need to start being aware of what is going on around you.  If you are interested in knowing what towers are around your address type in your address here.  In this post here there are a number of things that you can do around your home in order to reduce your exposure (there is a short summary at the bottom).   Staying away from ‘smart’ tech is wise and upgrading to wired connections is also better.  That topic is talked about more in detail here.  Start limiting your cell phone use.  Kids shouldn’t have cell phones.  The radiation from cell phones penetrates much deeper into their skulls than it does in adults.   Look at the picture below:


If you are going to use a phone, use it on speaker phone at arm’s length.  Never carry it in your pockets when not in airplane mode.  When not in use, it should be in airplane mode with all of the functionality turned off (location, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and anything else).

The biggest thing that you can do is measure your environment or have it measured for you.  Know what you are dealing with and then act in a manner that you are comfortable with.  Measure first, panic second.  If you do this the other way around it will cost you a lot more money.  All of the fields that were harmful for Kyanna are measurable with the right meters, there is no one meter that will measure everything.

If you are looking for what level of exposure is safe, know there are no safe levels.  Zero is safe.  Toxins have no safe levels.  This doesn’t mean I think we should abandon all of the technology that we have.  For example, the legal blood alcohol level in Wisconsin is .08.  This doesn’t mean that at .079 I am safe to drive.  There are some people that are not safe to drive at .04 or even lower.   Do I think we should ban alcohol?  No, though we should use it in moderation and be aware of the effects of overuse.  Use it wisely.  A small amount of alcohol can prove helpful, and large amounts harmful.  It is my belief that the same can be said for EMF’s.







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