The Puzzle Series Part 6: Metals, Melatonin, and More Wireless

The only problem area left to address for Kyanna is the heavy metals within her system.  Although EMF’s have been shown to redistribute metals within the body, (the summary of effects of EMF’s are gathered here) it is much more likely they came from other sources, such as diet or other environmental exposures.

After learning all of this one might ask: Doesn’t your body have ways to combat these things?  The answer to that is yes.  Your body produces many things to help combat environmental effects.  One of those chemicals is melatonin.  More about melatonin is talked about in the blog post here .  The creation of melatonin though is also affected by radio frequencies, as can be read in a review of many research papers on the topic here.  So not only do EMF’s cause problems, they also inhibit the body from repairing itself.

We first discovered Kyanna had an issue with EMF’s from the blood work that was done in Spain.  In Spain the oncologist (Dr. Raymond Hilu) determined this by looking at Kyanna’s blood under a powerful microscope.  Next is to look at the red blood cells.  In a healthy sample, they are evenly spaced throughout.   In Kyanna’s case, they were all clumped together, signifying an issue with EMF exposure.

Almost all of the known issues Kyanna had can be explained by an exposure to EMF’s from research.  Sadly much of this research was done before she was even born.  Some of it was done before I was born, and yet we still use EMF’s more now than ever.   The more I have learned the more I believe it is not just Kyanna that had issues with EMF’s.  There are many, many people that have these issues.  However, they write it off as a host of many other things, the range of severity different for each individual.  Things like autism have risen right alongside the expansion of our use of EMF’s as can be read here.  Cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and suicide have risen with the electrification of the US as published here.  I don’t think there is a person reading this that is not affected by at least one of those things.  All of these things are here, in our lives and the levels of our exposure are rising.

In the coming years there will be the deployment of 5G.  This will come at an estimated cost of 56 billion dollars for deployment and testing (to make sure it works, not to make sure it is safe from a health standpoint).  They have opened a new band of the electromagnetic spectrum for this to allow faster speeds for wireless.  In doing so, this means there will be more infrastructure built.  This will increase your exposure to more EMF’s.  If you believe that the government has looked into the long term effects of the project, think again.  The chairman of the FCC Tom Wheeler said, “Unlike some countries, we don’t believe we should spend the next couple of years studying what 5G should be or how it should operate.”  In essence they are not waiting for standards, or health concerns. They are not waiting for science to determine anything because companies want to make money.   Since they will be using a new band of the electromagnetic spectrum, all of the research will be done after the fact. Years down the line after companies have made their money, they will then protect their interest, which is making money, as they are now.  Your health and your family’s health are a distant second place to companies’ profits.  What this really means is that you and your loved ones will be part of the experiment going forward.   I hope that it turns out better for you than it did for us.


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