Building, Buying, or just Living

If you are looking at buying a house, building a house, or just living in a house here are some things that you should look at in addition to the normal things that you look at.   Like real estate, this post is all about location, location, location.  With a little planning, all of these can be greatly reduced before there is a problem.

  1. Make sure that the main electrical panel is not located in or under the bedroom.  Magnetic fields found around a electrical panel can easily pass through walls and ceilings.  You want to have the electric panel come in at a location where you don’t spend a lot of time.  If it is already under a bedroom move the bed as far away as possible from it.   A magnetic field will dissipate with distance.
  2.  Stay away from cell towers and radio transmission towers. You can do a simple internet search to see what towers are around where you want to buy/build or live. To find cell phone towers simply type your address here.  To find radio transmission towers in your area type in your details here. The farther you are away from these the better.  Rural will be better than urban.  If you want to do something for the house that you live in, plant trees, preferably coniferous.  Please know with the deployment of 5G there will be many more towers being built.  This means that a good spot today may not be a good spot tomorrow.
  3. Stay away from electrical substations and high voltage lines. Ground current will be higher near a substation than farther away.  In regards to high voltages lines, the taller they are, the farther you want to be from them.  If you currently live next to these, your options are limited since this is out of your control. 

These are simple but very important things to consider if you are buying or building a home.   The best way to reduce exposure to EMF’s is with a little planning and foresight.  Once you are in that home, trying to ‘fix’ these becomes much harder and much more expensive.


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