Our continued journey

Environmental toxins constantly surround us.  What is bad for one person is also bad for another.  It is a simple statement.  It is from this very simple statement and belief that I have started Flutter Busters LLC.

The roots of Flutter Busters LLC started on December 4, 2014.  This was the day that doctors found a mass in Kyanna’s (my daughter) brain stem.  She was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG).  While still in the hospital, Kyanna named her brain tumor Flutter.  Our next questions:  Why Kyanna?  What caused this?  How is it that a seemingly healthy child has cancer?

Our medical options were limited, only palliative radiation to extend her life.  My wife and I were not people that could just sit and watch.  We went to Spain to get answers to the questions that we had.  In Spain they were able to identify many things that were wrong with Kyanna and our family went about trying to ‘fix’ all of them. Everything that our family did to get rid of Flutter became known as a Flutter Buster.  Despite our efforts, Kyanna passed away February 3, 2015.  She was 22 days shy of her 8th birthday.  You can read more of this journey here.

I then began an exhaustive search of one of the environmental toxins that Kyanna had issues with: electromagnetic fields (EMFs).  I read countless books and research papers on this topic.  I talked to experts in the field.  I combed through every bit of information I could get my hands on.  Through this research, I discovered this was a major contributor to Kyanna’s demise.

Chronic over-exposure to EMFs can cause blood-brain permeability, cell mutation, increase malignancy of cancer cells and increase growth rates, and it can weaken the immune system to the point it becomes ineffective.  I found that our home, school, and even our front yard were plagued with harmful EMFs of all kinds.  Kyanna, with her sensitivity to EMFs, never had a chance to escape from this particularly harmful toxin.

Few of us are even aware of the EMFs that surround us.  Some we can control and some we cannot.  It is my mission to help people control the things they can, and minimize the things that they can’t.  More importantly, I want to increase awareness of this growing problem.  What was bad for Kyanna is bad for me and you too.

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12 thoughts on “Our continued journey

  1. Aunt Millie & Uncle Bernie

    Your family has become a towering beacon demonstrating your love for one another, and this extends the light from that beacon to all those who care to look up. May God grant you success in this area. For my part, I will extend your voice to all that I know, and I will continue to keep track.

    In the meantime, you’ve already educated me with what you’ve started above. I’m anxious to learn more.

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  2. Jennifer Pearson

    Please tell me what to do next. The City of Ladysmith, WI has agreed to allow a 5G tower in our town. My understanding is that there will be many towers My family lives about 3 blocks from the agreed upon site. I let the city council members know the dangers and I was accused of holding back progress and technology. I have two kids and I am very concerned. They will be exposed to EMF’s 24/7.


    1. In terms of stopping a 5G, or really any tower for that matter, there is little you can do to stop it. These are going to go up in your area, as well as mine, regardless of whether or not I want them there. In 1996 the US passed a billed that in essence said that you can’t oppose a tower based on health reasons. You can oppose based on 2 reasons. One it looks bad. The other is that it will decrease your property value. If it looks bad, they camouflage into something like a tree. In the other case you would have to prove that it decreases your property value, which again will be an uphill battle. Until science comes to an agreement that exposure to microwave frequencies are harmful to your health, which sadly may take many more years, fighting towers going in will be a very hard uphill battle. Please know there has been no research done on the 5G in terms of health effects it may or many not pose to humans or nature. All of the research will be done after the fact.
      In terms of what to do, that will depend on you and the levels that you are comfortable with. Measure the levels first and then decided what to do.


  3. gosia2200

    Hello! Do you have any data or recommendations on personal protective devices for children? Our school district is now rolling out iPads for 1st and 2nd graders! There are so many products out there…thank you in advance!


    1. The only thing that I would recommend is shielding clothing. This clothing is expensive and is hard to care for though. I would not recommend and type of necklace, pendant, or bracelet especially those that claim to protect you from EMF’s, because they don’t. If you are looking at testing the clothing wrap the clothing around your phone so no part of your phone showing and try and call the phone. If the phone rings the shielding is not that good, if it doesn’t ring then you have a good piece of shielding clothing.
      There are many countries that have stricter limits on exposure for school children. Unfortunately the US is not one of them. France doesn’t allow any WiFi in nursery schools and Israel only allow 3 hours max of WiFi use for 1st and 2nd graders. Those are just two quick examples there are more.
      To see more you can go HERE.


    1. My background is in physics. For training to do what I do now, I was trained by Dave Stetzer with an emphasis on the dirty electricity portion. Dave is the pioneer that discovered, explained and help fix that problem.


  4. Joe – on your shielding page regarding bed canopies, you wrote “Key point in shielding: You should not allow the shielding to touch your body.”

    That makes sense, but your May 18, 2017 comment above seems to be disregarding this wisdom, no?


  5. Diane Ribka

    I am in the the process of possibly buying a new house. I am aware of the electricity around the doors and windows. My skin burns and ovaries hurt. this side effect lasts for a long time. I wanted to know what we can do to remedy this problem. I want to turn off the burgler alarm system but the the the house inspector said that system is wired into the house and can not be turned off.

    The reason we are looking for a new place to live is my condo increased wifi to 400 %. I am in constant pain in ovaries and skin burning.
    I do some grounding on the earth and am out of the condo as much as possible.

    we bought electronic devices to measure currents and they get high readings.

    I wrap in fabric shields and sleep in a faraday cage. I take homeopathics and they help some.

    If I rent your devices it will prove how high but i am looking for a way to disable the burglar system.
    What type of electrician could I get to help out with problem.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks, Diane Ribka


    1. Any kind of electrician would be able to help you disable it. In the interim you could find out which breaker the system is on and turn that off at the electrical panel.


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