The insanity of it all


Kids should not get cancer.  There is something that is fundamentally wrong with children getting cancer.  Some kids that get cancer can and do recover for a time and some don’t recover, some die.  For those that don’t make it, days like today are hard.  Today Kyanna would have turned 9.  So the obvious question is then why do they have cancer?  Ask a doctor that if you find yourself in that situation.  Ask them what caused the cancer.  I did.  The answer that I got back was. “we don’t know.”  Have you ever wondered why it is that they can’t tell you how you got cancer, but they can tell you how they are going to treat it?  How is it that you can treat something if you have no idea how it got there in the first place or have any idea of what caused it?  Kyanna’s cancer was caused by environmental factors, I have no doubts about that.  Her exposure to EMF’s was one, and in my opinion, the biggest reason for the creation of Flutter.  Although it may be just my opinion, from Kyanna’s medical records I can show what she had issues with, places that had harmful EMF levels that she was regularly exposed to, as well as the published research that ties it all together.

To summarize Dr. Raymond Hilu in the book Cancer Killers he states that, “unless you address the underlying causes of cancer, it will come back”.  However, in the US that is not the approach most often used.  In the US we are quick to get a prescription for a drug to address a problem with our health.  That drug will never fix the problem, it will simply mask the problem and possibly create other problems that need more fixing, which means more pills.  Case in point if you are impotent you are not that way because you have a deficiency of Cialis or Viagra.  If you are depressed it is not because your Prozac levels are low.  Headaches and migraines are not caused by deficiencies in Tylenol.  Nor do you have pain from low opium levels in your system.  ADHD is not caused by a deficiency of Ritalin, nor is insomnia caused by not taking enough Nyquil.  Your sinuses are not congested because there is not enough Sudafed in your diet.  Not having a steady supply of Clomid is not the reason for your infertility.  Your blood pressure is not based on your metoprolol levels.  This list could go on and on, but know that everything that is in italics is something that the US Navy recognized in 1972 in this document Naval-Medical-Research-Institute-1972-Full-Bibliography as possible effects from microwave and radio wave sickness.  I only listed 8 of the 131 items listed in that document which has over 2300 references.  If there is nothing to fear from microwaves and radio waves, then why need to compile such a list?  This is not the only document of that time that contains this material, you can also read the book Electromagnetic Fields and the Life Environment by Karel Marha which has the same findings.

You might wonder why I refer to something that is more than 40 years old.  The truth is to show that this is not new.  Since it is not new there are no reasons for the powers that be to let this continue, but they do.  There have been numerous research papers since the 70’s up to the present to show the ill effects of EMF’s and it would seem that they all have fallen on deaf ears.  Furthermore, some of that research was done by our own government.  To summarize the ill effects of the of electrical expansion based on data you can read this hypothesis Milham-Historical-Evidence.  In that paper Dr. Milham states that with the electrification of the US you also see a rise in cardiovascular disease, cancer, suicide, and diabetes.  Do any of those sound familiar?   When it comes to high frequency voltage transients, they too can cause cancer as stated in this epidemiology report which you can read Milham-Morgan-2008.  In that you can read that the people in that school exposed to levels >1000 GS from an outlet had a 13% higher chance of getting cancer.  Readings that were >2000GS in a room from an outlet had 26% higher chance of getting cancer.  As much as you would like to think that this was an extreme case, you can find such readings in many, many homes and work places.  Kyanna’s classroom has outlets that are >2000 GS last I checked, as well as many other classrooms in that school building.  If you have ever had a doubt about the safety of cells phones or other wireless communication I would urge you to read Overpowered by Dr. Martin Plank published in 2014.  In that book you can read that individuals living within 400 meters of cell phone transmission tower for more than 10 years had a three times higher rate of cancer than someone that lived over that distance.   As of July 1, 2012 there were more than 480,000 cell phone towers and more than 1.5 million antennae’s just in the US.  (If you would like to see the towers near you search for them at In addition to research and books, there have been organizations that have been formed to deal with this growing problem like the BioInitiative, formed by leading scientists from around the world.  They all speak out to alert people of the growing danger.  They look for people to listen, for leaders to at least consider and set safe guidelines.   But how many of us listen, how many act?  I didn’t, not until I was told Kyanna had cancer and I was left wondering why.

I am not saying that just because you are exposed to EMF’s that you are going to get cancer, but I will say that EMF’s have an effect on you.  Much in the same way smoking has an effect on you in that you don’t have to be the one smoking for it to harm you.  The odds of you getting cancer from smoking one or two cigarettes would be about the same, I would guess, from being exposed to one or two EMF’s.  The problem is that we are exposed every day to harmful EMF’s.  Some of us 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  With that type of exposure what do you think the odds of EMF’s having a negative effect on your lives will be?  How much can your body handle?  With smoking and EMF’s the key is exposure and limiting it as much as possible.  Everyone will react to everything differently.  However, in both cases prolonged exposure will increase your risks so limiting or avoiding exposure as much as possible for a better quality of life will always be suggested.

Insanity – the result of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  This is most widely accredited to Albert Einstein, and as a physicist much smarter than me, I am going to give him credit.  Kids should not get cancer.  However, they are still being diagnosed with cancer–some are winning, some are not.  All the while we continue on changing nothing and wondering why a 7-year-old gets brain cancer.  If you never address the reasons that people or children get cancer, it is going to keep happening.  It is not a question of if, it is a question of when.  To think otherwise is quite honestly the definition of insanity stated above.


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