EMF Home Inspection

Achieving Health and Well-Being

The human body fights countless foreign toxins and environmental stressors each and every day.  Quite simply, the less toxins and stressors you expose your body to, the more likely you are to achieve health and well-being.


Our mission for this inspection of your home is to help you minimize environmental exposure from one source of toxin or stressor-Electromagnetic Fields.


What are Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)?

  • They come from every electronic device
  • They have varying frequencies, based on the device that they originate from
  • They have effects on human cells
  • The symptoms of these effects vary from headaches to fatigue to cancer


What are the main categories of EMF you look for in a Home Inspection?

  • Wireless Communication Devices
  • High Frequency Voltage Transients (dirty voltage)
  • Ground current


Wireless Communication Devices are smart meters, cordless phones, cell phones, cell towers in the area, electronics that connect by way of Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, among other devices.  I measure what your wireless activity is as well as how often some of these devices are communicating.


High frequency voltage transients are present on the wires in your home.   During a home inspection, waveforms are taken in your home with a Fluke 190-202 Scopemeter.  I then will install filters (Stetzerizer) in your home to bring the high frequency voltage transients down to a safe level.  These filters will last a lifetime.

The diagrams below are examples of waveforms taken with a Fluke 190-202 Scopemeter.  If you were to have a home where there is no dirty electricity, the picture below would have the sine wave of the 60 hz cycle (red line) and the blue line would be straight.   As you can see in Figure 1, this is not the case.  This is the waveform that was present in my home before filters were installed in my home.

Figure 1

wave form of house without filters

Figure 2 below is the waveform of my house after I have installed filters to clean up the dirty electricity.  As you can see, the area of blue is much less intense and consequently the frequency in the same area is considerably lower.

Figure 2


wave form of home with filters

The number of electronics in your environment is directly proportional to the amount of dirty electricity that you have.  It is what you have plugged in that matters most.  As you can see in Figure 3, the more intense the line, the worse the effects from this can be.

cancer from school waveform


This is the waveform that is present in Kyanna’s classroom.

kyanna's wave.png

Ground Current is stray voltage that is present in your home.  This is also known as contact current.  This is the current that is flowing in the ground and gets into your home.  Depending on what your contact current is, I will advise you on what you can do to reduce this.


9 thoughts on “EMF Home Inspection

  1. Suzanne

    I have type I diabetes and wear an insulin pump. I also have a device called a Dexcom. A sensor is attached under my skin with a transmitter on it. It sends a signal to a receiver and now to my new insulin pump that is compatible with the device. Do you think that this is a problem? I’ve been very sick for 15 years. Have only worn the Dexcom for 5 years.


  2. Before addressing the potential problems of the pump I would start with addressing other areas of your life and then finishing up with the pump. Since your problems started before you had the pump, the pump would not be the only potential problem. Consider or ask yourself the following: How much do you use a cell phone? How much Wi-Fi are you around? Do you sleep with the WI-Fi router on at night in your home? Where is the router located? What are the G/S levels in your home? What transmission towers (cell and radio) are around your home? Do you have a lot of devices that use electricity near or on your bed? Are there smart meters in your home? Once those areas are addressed I would look into how often your pump sends a signal and the strength of that signal. For more information or help figuring this out please email me at darnell@flutterbusters.com


  3. Sandy Shelton

    I would like an estimite to have my home tested.I just got back from church where you spoke but couldn’t stay for all the questions.


  4. ell

    i’m interested in finding out the cost to do a home in Oakland, CA. i just listened to your interview with Loyd Burrell. I find this whole subject rather overwhelming, but still want to learn & do what i can… Thanks


  5. Helen Banman

    Hi! I’m interested in your work! I’m sensitive to EMF and struggle a lot! I need some one to help me pout out where it comes from and how to fix it! Please contact me with info about your work and price


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