SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate.  In short it is a measurement of how much radiation is absorbed by an object.  In this case that object is us.  SAR is measured in W(Watts)/Kg(kilogram) and although it has practical uses in a laboratory, its adaptation to the real world is flawed.   It has become a marketing tool to sell phones and pass them off as safe which in turn the majority of the public has bought into.

The ‘safe’ SAR limit established by the FCC is 1.6 W/KG.  Know the FCC doesn’t test this, the manufacturer of the device is responsible for testing and reporting the SAR value.  SAR is woefully inaccurate in terms of relating the safety of any given device.  SAR is a point measurement.  Meaning when the manufacturer of the device measures the SAR value it is calculated in a lab, where everything is controlled.  Measurements are taken around the device and measured at multiple angles and distances and the ONE point that records the highest value becomes the SAR value.  I will say that again the highest point at one time becomes the SAR value.  Nothing else is considered.   There is no cumulative effect taken into account and furthermore this is only when the device is in use (on a call).  It will not take into account for example when the phone is dormant and is looking for the nearest tower to connect to in your pocket or purse, texting, or using apps.

In short the real world applications of the SAR is a fancy number with no real meaning.  If you have based the safety of your device off this number, then you have been taken for ride.   If you would like to limit your exposure as much as possible, but still use a cell phone then make sure it is in airplane mode when not in use.  This will also mean you will have to turn off your location and blue tooth functionality.  If turning these on and off is too inconvenient, then just turn the whole phone off.  Turn it on when you need it or are expecting a call.  Avoid talking with the phone next to your ear.  Keep the phone away from your body when you are using it.  When you talk on the phone use a wired head set or air tube head set.  If you are unable to do this talk on speaker phone.

SAR is a single point in time, nothing more.  People will look at a SAR value and see that it is below a given value and then proceed to use their phone as much or more thinking that it is safe.  Mobile phones are not safe.  The more that you use them, the more risk you assume.  Age matters because it is all about cumulative effects over time.  Because of that younger people are more at risk than older.  In addition, this not only affects the user but everyone around the user.   Just like second hand smoke with cigarettes.  If you are looking for a number to rate a phone, look for one that takes into account the cumulative exposure over time whenever the phone is on (not just on a call), as well as what this will project to anyone around the phone.  As you might have guessed, there is no number for that.  I will leave you to ponder why.


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