The top 3

Here are three easy steps to reduce your EMF exposure.

1) If it communicates using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or connects to anything wirelessly, avoid it. If you have to use it, use it sparingly

2) Install filters to address the dirty electricity in your home or office created by electronics

3) Get rid items that create a lot of electromagnetic pollution like treadmills, CFL’s, dimmer switches, and DECT phones to name a few

Wireless communication is everywhere and saturates us in a sea of EMF’s.  There are many simple things that you can do to reduce your exposure to wireless communication.

  • One is stay away from ‘smart’ tech. Anything that uses a form of wireless commination should be avoided.   Always opt for the wired version.
  • Instead of Wi-Fi use an Ethernet cable. From a health perspective it is safer and it is faster to boot.
  • Opt out of smart meters in your area. These could be located on your gas lines, utility box, and also public water systems.   If you are not able to opt-out, then shield it.
  • Turn off your cell phones when you are not using them. If you are able to get along without them then all the better.  Almost everything you can do on a phone you can do on a computer with a wired connection.
  • Make sure that all your electronic devices (computers, printers, blue ray, game consoles) are not communicating wirelessly
  • Avoid items like your tablets that only use wireless. If you use them only use them in airplane mode.
  • Replacing certain DECT phones, which are the cordless phones that people with a landline use.  There are some that constantly send out a signal even when not in use.  If you want a wireless phone, only buy one that connects when in use or buy a phone with a cord.

You will need to also address the dirty electricity that is running through your home.  To do this you will need filters and also a meter to measure your levels.  The meter, like a scale will just tell you what is there, nothing more, nothing less.  Armed with a simple meter you will be able to clean up your own environment.  The average home takes about 20 filters.   You can purchase filters and a meters here.  I also send instructions on how to use and install the filters.  If there are questions on installation, feel free to contact me at

Lastly cleaning up your home environment by getting rid of big polluters like CFL (curly-q) light bulbs, treadmills and dimmer switches.  Instead of a treadmill, run outside—it is free.  Treadmills have VFD’s (variable frequency drives) which create a lot of dirty electricity.  VFD’s need harmonic filters and most treadmills do not come with them.  If you know how to create filters you could add it to your treadmill but an easier route would be to use something else.  A good substitute would be anything that is mechanical (ie doesn’t use a motor) like an elliptical, exercise bikes, many Nordic Tracks, and rowing machines.  You don’t want anything that can hook up with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Never ever buy a CFL bulb and if you have them, replace them as soon as possible.  Incandescent bulbs or halogen are a suitable replacement.  LED are hit or miss.  Some are good some are not.  Having a Microsurge meter will tell you if the bulb is ok or not.  Simply plug it into a power strip and take note of the reading.  Turn on the light and if the reading is higher than when you started it is bad.  If the number returns to the initial reading then it is alright.   Simple as that.  Lastly replace your dimmer switches with just a standard switch.   Not only are the standard switches cheaper than dimmer switches, they created less power quality issues.


2 thoughts on “The top 3

  1. Tasha

    Hi Joe! I’ve been trying to find a cordless phone that only connects when in use, but not having much luck. Can you please recommend a brand?

    Getting rid of the dimmer switches will be a challenge! I use them to dim the lights in the evening while I’m still puttering around the house. The dimming at night seems to help my body wind down for sleep whereas I’ll have a much harder time sleeping if I keep the lights at full strength. Any suggestions? Thx!


    1. Your best bet is to go with and older phone. The ones I use to recommend are discontinued now. You don’t want any type of DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) phones. Corded options are much easier to find for this and any will work. With the dimmer switches if you can find a good LED Bulb that is dimmable this might fix this issue. Recently I found some Zilotek LED light bulbs that don’t produce dirty electricity and are dimmable. They might also correct the dimmer issue, though you would need a meter to verify that. Remember you should always test your LED light bulbs but this might work for you.


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