The places you live and work are dirty

What is your reaction to when something bad happens to someone else?  Most often you assume that person has had some bad luck or were unfortunate for a reason that surely you yourself can avoid for whatever reason.   I often think this when I pass a car on the road that has been pulled over by a police officer.  What happens if you found out that what was affecting the person with the problem, or causing the problem, was also affecting you.  What would you do then?  What if their problem was also your problem?  Would you fix it?

This is where the realization starts.  Your homes are dirty.  They are not dirty with dirt per say they are dirty with things that you can can’t see, can’t taste, and most people can’t feel.   In your walls you have high frequency voltage transients (dirty electricity) riding on your 60 Hz cycle.   How then can you tell what your levels are?  You measure it.  You buy equipment that is designed to measure it.  I have that equipment; some of it is expensive and some of it is not.  The purpose of having it is to show people what they can’t see, taste, or feel.   Electricity is not the only thing in our lives that acts like this.  There are many things like this, the most obvious in a home is radon gas.

How did everything get so dirty?   Without launching into a book, it has to deal with the way all of the modern electronics that we have use power and the growing number of them in people’s homes.   We are accumulating more and more electronics and it is making our homes dirtier and dirtier.   The more that you have, or even your neighbors have, the dirtier your homes will be.

In general, the dirtier that you are, the more likely that you are to get sick.  This holds true for actual dirt as well as dirty electricity.  For most of us this the effect is not acute but chronic.   As you well know chronic illnesses are much harder to deal with.   The high frequency that is riding on these waves can cause a host of problems for humans as shown in research paper after research paper.  The high frequency voltage transients have been linked in research papers and epidemiology studies to, but not limited to, cancer (like brain and leukemia).  In addition, it causes a lot of problems with the central nervous systems and can be traced to disorders such as depression, Lou Gehrig disease, headaches, dizziness, ADHD, immune deficiency, and a host of other problems.

For those that are skeptical, you need not take my word for it.  I can show you on a meter and in many cases more than one kind.   In these instances, I will add filters to address some of these issues;  you will see a change in the measurement every time a filter is added or subtracted.  It is not voodoo.  It is not magic.  It is simply science.


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